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Differences in School In Spain

There are a lot of things that are different in Spain, including some things in school.

The first one is obviously that school is in Spanish.

One thing that is different is how they raise their hands. For Example, they raise their hand as if they were pointing at the ceiling.

Another noticeable thing is that there is no dress code. In most Elementary schools in The US there is a dress code. Here girls wear crop tops and short shorts.

A difference that is really different from the school that I went to last year is that it goes to 6th grade. I am aware that many schools in America go until 6th but mine only went to 5th.

Another difference from my school is that all the grades have recess together.

In my school in the US there were 6 classes per grade but here there are only 2.

There are some differences with the curriculum as well.

Here, comas and periods ( , . ) in numbers are backwards. For example the number: three million, one hundred thirty-six thousand, eight hundred fifty-five and nine hundred five thousandths (3,136,855.905) would be: 3.136.855,905

Here the division sign is different in the US it is (÷) but here in Spain it is ( : ). I think they probably understand our way.

The way that they do long division is different too. But I will make a whole other post for that.

The last significant difference is that they use the metric system here.

There are so many others that I could make a whole other post about it. But these were the biggest ones.

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