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Happy First Week of School!

We started school on Monday 12 at Gómez Moreno Public School. It is not a huge school with 20 or so people in each class and 2 classes per grade. There are 6 main grades and 3 preschool grades.

My class has 24 people in it and there are 14 girls and 10 boys. There are 5 new people in the class this year. There are also about 7 or 8 other people that speak English. There are a lot of kids from other countries or that a least have parents from other countries.

I have a friend who is also new this year. She is from Norway. She does not speak Spanish. But she is really good at speaking English. So I translate the important stuff for her.

I like school so far, but we have not started real school work yet. We have done a lot of art projects and stuff to decorate the classroom. We have also done a lot of games to get to know the class.

Leaving the House!
The Patio was crowded with people.
Ali with her Friend.
Our first day of school cake
Pretty roses on the Cake.

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